Sell Your Rental and Keep Making Cash Flow!

Frustrated with coordinating repairs and a trashed house when your tenants finally move out?

Chasing down rent payments or going through the eviction process?

You’ve thought about selling in the past but you don’t want to lose the monthly cash flow that you are so used to. And don’t even talk to me about the tax bill!

We have solutions tailored to your unique situation. All it takes is a quick phone call.

Many landlords decided to get into real estate investing during simpler times. Maybe you weren’t yet married or didn’t have any kids (or grand kids). The time you put into the property didn’t feel as taxing on you because you seemed to have so much more of it.

Times change and so do our needs. But what if you rely on that monthly income to meet your current needs? Yes, you could sell your property for a low cash offer but you put so many hours and blood, sweat and tears into the property —don’t just give it away!

What if there were a way that you could sell your property AND keep the monthly mailbox money rolling in without paying a giant tax bill to Uncle Sam? Whether you’re in the City of Pittsburgh or in one of the many surrounding neighborhoods, we can help.

We would love to chat more about your exact situation and future goals so that we can come up with your very own Best Offer tailored to you and your future. Let’s upgrade you from being a landlord to a lender and never deal with another tenant issue or repair for as long as you live!

We can offer you far more than these crazy low cash offers you’ve been hearing day and night. We don’t expect you to give your house away and would never ask for it. We know you’ve put in many long days and nights fixing and maintaining it and will give you what you need. We base our Best Offers on you, the client, not what the property says or what the big companies are doing.

We will help you sell your rental property with dignity so that you can rest assured that what you get is everything you need. There is no simple formula using percentages or Zillow numbers because every single situation is different, yours included.

Fill in the form below so that we can schedule a phone call to gather a bit of information and learn more about your situation. From there, we will provide potential solutions and work with you to get the Best Offer possible!

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