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We Are

Trekside Property Group LLC was born out of a long history of construction, design, and service. We have a decade of construction experience, over 11 years of military experience, backgrounds in engineering and data science and a history of helping out our communities.

Trekside Property Group LLC is a House Buying Company whose clients are the top priority. We aren’t trying to retire off of one deal because we are already doing what we love to do!

We Strive

…to provide the highest possible offer to every potential client we speak to. We have backgrounds in business analytics and civil engineering and use those skills to bring you the most value possible.

…to do everything in our power to learn about your situation and come up with the best possible solution, for YOU. Yes, we’re investors and yes, we’ll make some money. BUT, it won’t hurt our ego if you make a helluva lot more than we do. As long as our numbers work, you’ll get as much as we can pay you and still put food on our table. We’ve helped many with inherited houses sell because they just didn’t have the energy or resources to deal with it. We’re not a “cash offer” company, we’re The BEST OFFER Business!

We especially love to find solutions for your inherited house. We understand the attachments and realize that you don’t want a house with a lot of emotion going to some giant hedge fund or corporation to be painted over and rented to the first person with a pulse.

Maybe you’ve tried to sell already but have no equity because you owe just a little too much–that’s okay! We love these situations because of the relief you’ll feel after we’ve gone through the potential solutions. You can walk away with money even if your mortgage is what you can sell it for.

We Love

…our communities and what we do for a living. We Love driving past previous projects and seeing how beautiful the place is today and how we helped the seller solve their real estate problem in the process, especially sellers who thought they were stuck with no equity. Win-Win SOLUTIONS–that’s what we’re about!

…our clients! And yes, we mean that! We look forward to getting out there and meeting new people and having the opportunity to help in the process…priceless! We still keep in touch with past clients and will continue to do business that way. People first! No Equity, No Problem! We got you Pittsburgh.

We Promise

…to keep our renovations simple and efficient. WHY ? Because the more efficient we are, the lower our costs will be. The lower our costs, the more we can offer you. Yes, we’re an investment company so we need to make money on each property BUT we’re not looking to retire to the Bahamas after we sell your house or get rich and buy a boat after just one house flip.

…to help as many people in our area as possible so our cut will come in small pieces over many properties. The more people we help, the more money we make – the more money we make, the more people we can help.

Win, Win, Win!

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What We Are Not

We are NOT another “We Buy Houses” company.

We ARE the only Best Offer Business in Pittsburgh.

We will not hit you with another low ball “offer”–We’re here to solve problems with WIN-WIN solutions. If you’re not satisfied, we’re not doing our job.

The Pros & Cons Of Selling Your House To A Local
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Every email, text or phone call is no strings attached! There is no obligation or fee to explore your options. We’re here to help you sell your house whether it is with us or with a realtor!

If you have an inherited house or are going through divorce, let us give your house a new home so that is one less to-do for you in this messy, and expensive, process.

Even if you have little or no equity, we can solve your problem. Guaranteed.