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What does Best Offer Business mean? “Jim, I need to sell my rental property but I am sick & tired of all the phone calls and texts and low-ball offers. I can’t afford to lose the income but I’m not going to give my rental property away!” You can vent, it’s okay! That will be the last time you ever feel like that again.

We’re not here to buy houses, we are here to provide solutions. Best part? No obligation whatsoever. We can just chat so you can learn about your options. If we’re not the best choice, we’ll point you in the right direction.

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We’re not another “Cash Offer” company. We’re The Best Offer Business!

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Some of the best times to sell a rental property in Pittsburgh, PA are when housing is in high demand! There is currently very low inventory on the market, but demand is very high. Now may be one of the best times to sell your rental to capitalize on making the most amount of money possible..

We keep our process fast, convenient & simple.

Tired of Tenants?

Want to Sell but afraid of losing the monthly income or having to pay a bunch of taxes?

You can sell your building and never deal with a tenant again, avoid a huge tax hit AND keep making monthly income!

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Reasons to Sell A Rental Property

Bad Tenants

Selecting great tenants is not the easiest task! Sometimes you can get stuck in a lease with tenants that aren’t paying on time, constantly calling you on the phone, insistently asking for maintenance requests, or are causing physical damage to the property.

Cash Flow Is Too Low

Cash flow is key to any successful investment. However, things don’t always go according to plan. Do you feel like you’re spending countless hours managing your property and spending thousands of dollars to fix and maintain in return for very little money back per month? You’re not alone, and if you feel like the investment is not worth your time, it may be the perfect opportunity to let it go.

Cost of Maintenance and Repairs is High

The cost of maintaining a rental property can add up to thousands of dollars per year. Whether the furnace finally decides to kick the bucket, the roof leaks, or the tenant is constantly calling about a new leak that has sprung up, these repairs can really dig into your pockets and affect the profitability. Selling a rental property can feel even more difficult and demanding if you’re selling through an agent.

Spending Too Much Time Managing Property

Most people don’t realize how much time, effort, and management it takes to place tenants, perform maintenance, show the property, manage collections, keep your books in order, manage turnovers, the list goes on…

High Vacancies, Turnovers, and Evictions

Having to evict a tenant can be a horrible experience. Especially in Pittsburgh, which is a tenant friendly city, the hours put into evictions can make owning rentals not worth it. Worst of all, you’re not collecting rent, and the tenant may damage the property as a result of having an eviction filed on them. If you are thinking about selling a rental property or many properties, do your future self a solid and chat with us first!

We here at Trekside Property Group LLC, work in a unique way. When you contact us and provide us the needed details about your rental property through the form (available below), we will evaluate your property with our 20 Minute Professional Property Evaluation and give you a no B.S. Best-Offer within the first 24 hours of you contacting us. The best thing… we’re ready to close the deal whenever you are.

Everything is up to you.

We Can Help You Sell A Rental Property in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania in the most efficient way possible.

“Jim, I want to sell my rental property because I just don’t feel like being a landlord anymore. It’s taking too much time and I can’t keep up with the maintenance. I also can’t afford to lose the monthly rent checks either. These properties are a big part of my retirement. I keep getting the low-ball offers from people on the phone offering me cash. Even if I got what I want for it in cash, my accountant told me that I’ll have to pay a ton of taxes and be left with a fraction of what I know it’s worth.”

Alvin, a Pittsburgh Landlord.

This is from an actual conversation with a seller, paraphrased of course. They had 3 rental properties–two duplexes and a single family that used to be their primary residence but they moved into a 1-story to make things easier.

We structured a purchase agreement with Alvin that put just as much into his pocket at the end of each month that he got while being a landlord, but with none of the headaches.

The process was straightforward and simple. We met with him and his wife where we went through all of the numbers together. Yes, the rent may have been $1,250 per month for the single family, but, he still had to pay out taxes, registration fees, insurance, maintenance costs, repairs, lawn care and even snow removal.

After we explored all of our options, we found a way to give him the exact same amount of money he’d been used to and took the burden off of him. Best of all, that money will continue to flow to his grandchildren. It’ll be like they have their own rental properties paying them money each month. That will help them pay their way through college and gives Alvin and his wife peace of mind while remaining financially secure in their retirement.

Our main goal is to help you find a solution to sell a rental property and present an offer that works for you! There is ZERO obligation to accept the offer and 100% FREE.

So, How Do I Sell My Rental Property? 3 Simple Steps!


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Avoid the hassles of listing your house with our Pittsburgh Best Offer Program. In many cases, we can present you with a fair, all-cash offer in as little as 24 hours – no obligations, no fees.


Pick the date you want to close

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Selling your house can be stressful. Have peace of mind by knowing all of your options to sell your rental property (we can even do the repairs for you!)


Sell on your terms. Close quickly

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Have the flexibility to sell on the date you choose. We can often close in as quick as 7 days with our Cash Offer Program

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We Serve People in Every Situation, In Pittsburgh & Nationwide!

There are many reasons to sell a rental property and we have helped people with all types of challenges. Regardless of your situation or timeline, our aim is to help make your life easier and less stressful. We offer easy solutions to homeowners who what to sell their property even in complex situations. 

 Need to Avoid Foreclosure?

If you find yourself struggling to make payments and need to consider a short sale to stop foreclosure, we can help. We work with the City of Pittsburgh and with local banks to buy your house and avoid a foreclosure or Sheriff Sale. You just need to contact us!

 Inherited a House?

We have empathy for clients experiencing loss and want to ease the process of selling an inherited property. We can initiate the probate process with the Register of Wills, work with executors and legal counsel to support you through the selling process. No need to worry about clean-outs, repairs or timelines. We just want to make the process easier.

 Falling Behind on Property Taxes? Liens? Water Bills?

Even if you are behind on your property taxes or facing a Sheriff Sale, we are able to help. We can stop an upcoming Sheriff Sale and give you more time to find solutions that work best for you. We can work to reduce or eliminate liens and past due bills to help clear title. You only have to contact us!

 Bad Tenants? Squatters? Need to Sell A Rental Property?

If you are a landlord that doesn’t want to go through an expensive eviction process and would prefer to sell, we can help. We purchase properties with difficult tenants. We also buy properties with squatters in them. Any situation, any condition.

If you ask yourself “how to sell my rental property” more often than not, it’s time to give us a call!

  Selling for financial issues but you still live in it?

If you are living in a house, need to sell but are facing financial issues, you need flexibility around your timeline. With us, you will get that. We will work with you to sell on your preferred timeline. Sell to us but leave whenever you are ready. Give us a call to discuss options that put you in control.

 Failed Flips, Fire or Water Damage, Code Violations?

Is the property inhabitable but you need to sell? Is there a lot of work required to make it livable? Regardless of the condition, we mean it when we say “As-Is” condition.